Let’s Talk About The 2016 Nissan LEAF That’s Falling For You at Glenn Auto Mall! – Lexington, KY

Get it? Falling? The 2016 Nissan LEAF is falling…for you…see what I did…okay, that was TERRIBLE, but hack-y puns aside, the 2016 Nissan LEAF really is a gem of an electric automobile that will have you falling for it the second you take it for a spin around downtown Lexington!

Let’s face it, the price of gas is more unpredictable than trying to pick which NFL team will get to the Superbowl in 2017, and nobody looks forward to their next smog check, but get yourself a new 2016 Nissan LEAF and all of that will change the instant you turn the key.

First of all, you don’t need to worry about stepping on the gas, because your 2016 Nissan LEAF doesn’t use gas. It uses no gas, but still gets you where you need to be in Lexington with ease using the 30 kWh battery. This means it gets 107 miles (172 km) of EPA rated range, and it has an 8 year/100,000 mile battery warranty on that bad boy! Here’s four more reasons you’ll love it!

No More Smog Checks!

If you don’t have an internal combustion engine, you don’t produce any noxious carbon so guess what? Smog checks are a thing of the past!

It’s Upped The Tech Game!

Even the base LEAF (S trim) now comes with a standard 5″ screen (as opposed to the“no screen” console found in the 2015 model), with the 7” screen in the SV and SL trims continuing in the new 2016 edition…If you thought you wouldn’t be on top of your tech with the base model LEAF…SURPRISE! You’re on top of your game no matter what LEAF you buy!

It’s Great For The World, but Even Better For Your Neighborhood!

When you buy local, like at Glenn Auto Mall here in Lexington, Kentucky, you’re supporting the local economy. Add that to the fact that you’re almost completely erasing your carbon footprint by owning an all-electric vehicle, and you’re pretty much the greatest individual who walks the earth right now…

You’ll Never Have That Oil Change Sticker on Your Windshield Again!

Along with never having to see a gas station, ever again, you never have to worry about being overdue for an oil change. Your 2016 Nissan LEAF doesn’t use oil…or gas…or make stinky fumes every time you drive…you can go 107 miles before even thinking about how, exactly, your car works!

This brings me to the final question – do you still have a ‘gas pedal’? Or, is it just called a ‘go forward’ pedal? The 2016 Nissan LEAF changes everything we think we know about cars, and how we either contribute, or take away, from the environment!

Know what else is great? How the team at Glenn Auto Mall really wants you to fall for the new 2016 Nissan LEAF, and will do what they can to make sure they can claim, “Match MADE!” It’s a beautiful thing when you find a car that loves the environment as much as you do, and comes with all the new car specials and dealership incentives to prove it! If you have bad credit, don’t even sweat it – let the Hyundai bad credit assistance team find just the deal that works for you. If you’re ready to go green, and save green, stop by Glenn Auto Mall today and find just the Nissan LEAF that’s ready to fall for you today!