Wintry Wizards: Our Favorite AWD Models for Snowy Driving Conditions – Lexington, KY

Buick Encore AWDAt Glenn Auto Mall, we know that driving in the winter weather here in Lexington, Kentucky can be a hassle.  Luckily, we offer a full range of AWD vehicles that are certain to get you through snow, sleet, rain, hail…you name it! You can choose a Buick Encore AWD, GMC Terrain AWD, Hyundai Genesis AWD, Nissan Juke AWD, or even an Infiniti Q50 AWD, and know you’ll be driving in comfort and safety!

Not sure which is right for you this time of year? Let us give you a highlight (or two) of each vehicle to help you decide! From Georgetown, Winchester, Richmond, Paris, or Lawrenceburg, have we got a sweet deal for you!

Buick Encore AWD
Considered a luxury crossover, its compact size will let you fit into tight parking spots and help you maneuver through the streets in even the worst conditions. Because we know visibility is limited in the snow, we specially like the side blind zone alert.

GMC Terrain AWD
With a refined interior and available heated front seats, you’ll definitely keep warm and toasty.  But we especially like the lane departure warning, which alerts the driver if the Terrain wanders from the lane without using a turn signal. This is especially helpful on a wet roadway where the markings may be hard to miss!

Hyundai Genesis AWD
Stepping out of SUV territory, this AWD sedan fairly screams comfort and class! But with features such as automatic emergency braking, rear view camera, and rear cross traffic alert it also screams safety!

Nissan Juke AWD
We at Glenn Auto Mall love the Nissan Juke and all its customizable features! But what we really love, in the wind and rain, is the tire pressure monitoring system.  Tires that are under-inflated are dangerous on wet roads, and we think having a vehicle that gives you a heads up is a fantastic thing!

Infiniti Q50 AWD
Another classy sedan to get you where you need to go in even the worst storm, with the standard 4-wheel anti-lock braking system, you’ll be ready for the unexpected.

Even cities like Frankfort, Danville, Berea, and Shelbyville can’t escape the weather this winter. Let us here at Glenn Auto Mall help you find the AWD that will help you get from point A to Point B in comfort, safety, and style!