6 Best Podcasts for Commuters – Lexington, KY

Here at Glenn Auto Mall, we know that the majority of our customers have to commute to work.  Depending on how long your commute is, you may have a favorite radio station, playlist, or audio book, that helps you zone out while you’re stuck in traffic.  But, have you ever tried switching it up and listening to a podcast while you’re on your way? Most new cars have ad mp3 capable audio system, so you should totally give it a try! A podcast is a media file, usually an audio file that reminds us of the old serial radio shows, but definitely updated. Created by comedians, scientists, authors, or just entertainment personalities, there’s always something interesting to listen to. If you don’t have a preferred podcast, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites:

The Read
hosted by two bloggers (our favorite types of people!) named Crissie and Kid Fury, it’s a weekly show that offers opinions about the latest entertainment news and advice for listeners who want it.

If you watch Comedy central, you’ll recognize comedian Chris Hardwick who hosts his own weekly show. He interviews other comedians and celebrities.

Welcome to Night Vale
This podcast brings it back to the radio shows of the past, (think detective stories like The Shadow…). This series follows the adventures of a fictional character named Night Vale.

StarTalk Radio Show by Neil deGrasse Tyson
Neil deGrasse Tyson is an Astrophysicist, and probably the coolest scientist we’ve ever heard!  If you want to learn about…everything, really…then check this podcast out!

Just a fun podcast that takes a theme and runs with it.  It’s funny as well as informative.

99% Invisible
On of the more esoteric podcasts we’ve heard, created by Roman Mars and covering design, architecture and the “99% invisible activity that shapes our world,” it’s one that you have to listen to pretty carefully so nothing gets missed.
Here at Glenn Auto Mall, it doesn’t matter what make of car you’re driving; commuting is the worst. We hope these podcast recommendations are helpful, and hopefully make your commute more enjoyable.