5 Reasons Glenn Auto Mall Is the Best Place for Buying a Used Car In Lexington! – Lexington, KY

I’m a big fan of buying used when it comes to vehicles, mostly because I know that, here in Lexington, the choices are fantastic, no matter what model I’m looking for. It can be overwhelming, admittedly, but fortunately, Glenn Auto Mall right here in Kentucky that has all the best from four of the top brands at the three stores; Glenn Buick GMC, Glenn Hyundai, and Glenn Nissan!

This one-stop dealership knows that buying a used car in Lexington isn’t always an easy process, and even though they can help you with the easy-to-do stuff like getting great pre-owned vehicle financing options, especially for well-qualified buyers, and one of the most extensive used car inventories in Kentucky, it’s really the team that makes a difference. It’s called The Glenn Touch.

The staff at Glenn Auto Mall works hard to provide all of their customers unique advantages when they’re shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, and after speaking with them about it, I can see why the Glenn Auto Mall reviews are always fantastic! Here are the top five reasons you’ll love buying a used car in Lexington:

High Values for Your Vehicle Trade-In

One of the worst feelings is taking your car in for a trade-in and getting seriously low-balled. When you’re buying used at Glenn Auto Mall, they’ve done all the research, too, and will give you the best offer for your trade-in.

A Virtual Dealership

Sometimes the weather isn’t so great, or you’d like to check out what they have before you even drive over to check it out in person. You’re in luck with Glenn Auto Mall, they have a virtual car dealership!

Six-Step Process

Before a vehicle can even be placed on a lot, virtual or otherwise, it has to go through this process:

1. Receive vehicle
2. Analyze and inspect
3. Diagnose and fix
4. Recondition
5. Warranty, guarantee and finance
6. Certify

Longtime Ownership

I always feel like there’s something inherently wrong with a business that always has “new management” or a high turnover of employees. At Glenn Auto Mall, this problem doesn’t exist. It’s the one dealership I’ve been to where they really do remember you, and you can be sure you’ll be dealing with the same people for years to come!

Complimentary Loaner Vehicles

Sometimes, your car needs to be serviced. When this happens, bring it into Glenn Auto Mall for repair and you’ll get a complimentary loaner car! Forget needing to borrow someone else’s or, worse, get a rental. Glenn Auto Mall has you covered!

There are so many more reasons to buy a used car at Glenn Auto Mall, and you can view them all online here! Bottom line: they are committed to doing everything they can to make your pre-owned buying experience a breeze!