Car-Themed Graduation Party? Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! – Lexington, KY

It’s almost June, so there’s going to be a LOT of graduation parties happening all over town! If you’re planning on throwing one for your new grad (high school or college, doesn’t matter!) and they’re a big car buff, skip the boring pizza and soda, it’s time to show your graduate a fun time! A car-themed graduation party is just the thing. Before you scoff, think about how happy they’ll be when they see those checkered flags adorning the walls along with checkered flag tote bags for all the guests! Awesome? I definitely think so. Here’s how to make it happen.

Plan the Decorations

I wasn’t kidding about the checkered flag banners! String these up around the living room to show your grad that not only are they awesome car fans, but they did it! They crossed the finish line, hooray! If you want to surprise them before they even walk in the house, you can add this racetrack runner leading up to the entryway. It will definitely show your guests that they should just motor right in!

Plan the Food

Pizza and soda are actually fine, but you still need to jazz up the table. Lucky for you this race car printed table runner will remind the guests that your grad stayed the course! If you’re planning on dessert, top the cupcakes with these Cars movie cupcake rings. Even though this is an adult party, who doesn’t like a good cartoon? I know it was one of my favorite movies when it came out, and I’m betting your grad loves it, too!

Give Out Party Bags

Okay, I know this may seem to be veering into kid party territory, but it’s been my observation that everyone loves free swag! Even something as simple as these race car bouncy balls or these race car driver rubber duckies. It’s the little things that make a party, and these won’t be forgotten!

The party folks at Glenn Auto Mall know that I love a good party and I love cars, so I’ll probably be throwing a few of these parties myself for the young graduates in my family (or my friend’s family, or just for the heck of it…). If you’re planning something in preparation for your newly minted grad, I hope some of these ideas make it across the finish line!