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The Top 3 Tech-Savvy Cars You’ll Find At Glenn Auto Mall! – Lexington, KY

Nissan Versa
When you’re looking for a new car in Lexington, or even a certified pre-owned car in Nicholasville, besides the obvious considerations (mileage, aesthetics, engine, and gas mileage, you should also consider how much easier your new vehicle will make your life! Okay, okay, that might have sounded like something that made zero...[read more]

Written In the Stars: 3 Best Cars for Geminis – Lexington, KY

It’s Gemini’s turn! This sign’s birthday falls between May 21 and June 21, so that means this is prime Gemini time! According to astrologers, if you’re a Gemini, you may identify with some of the following traits: A passion for novelty A curious disposition Socially outgoing Witty in speech and prone to banter Creative and quick...[read more]