Cool It! 3 Most Common Road Rage Triggers – Lexington, KY

Lately, police forces around the country have been making the news due to poor judgement calls during seemingly routine stops. Interestingly enough, often times ordinary citizens choose to take matters into their own hands. Even in Lexington. What is it about breaking traffic laws that enrages these drivers? Cars are typically one of our most valuable assets. So it’s understandable that we would be overly protective of them, as a mother bird is to her younglings.

In all seriousness though, emotional situations can escalate in a hurry on the roads these days. Just last year, a man was pulled from his truck in Carroll County by a couple after the two vehicles nearly hit each other. The woman sat on him as her husband threw punches. It’s not just near-miss accidents that can get the blood boiling, either.

Here are the three most common road rage triggers:

3. Bike Rage

Here the driver doesn’t see the bicyclist in his blind spot, which makes him angry. Cars, trucks, bicycles, mopeds and pedestrians must all coexist on the roads in harmony. He wouldn’t have run into this issue if he had the 2016 Hyundai Elantra standard features on his side. Thanks to the new blind-spot mirror, everything is visible.

2. Merge Rage

The important thing to keep in mind as you watch this video is that the car that eventually gets passed by the SUV has its windows OPEN. Merging can quickly turn into one of the most dangerous situations on the road, so it’s good to have acceleration when you need it. The Elantra’s 2.0-liter four cylinder, 173 horsepower engine will give you plenty when you decide to go. At the Edmunds test track, the 2016 Elantra reviews were full of praise upon discovering its automatic transmission zipped to 60 MPH in 8.2 seconds.

1. Tailgate Rage

We’ve all done it. You’re in a hurry, the person directly in front of you is driving the exact speed limit and they show no signs of speeding up. Even if you’re driving your new 2016 Elantra with cutting-edge Hyundai safety features like antilock disc brakes and stability and traction control, it’s best not to test the limits. This video is a reminder that we should try our darndest to resist the urge tailgate, and not just because it’s rude.


Road rage happens. Somehow I feel that you may be slightly more relaxed and prepared to deal with the rigors of driving in a 2016 Hyundai Elantra in Lexington. Glenn Auto Mall, home of the best Nissan store near Lexington, is a wonderful place where rage becomes understanding and is eventually replaced with the feeling of peace.