Better Safe Than Sorry: 3 Essential Items You Should Have In Your Car – Lexington, KY

You never want to leave your house unprepared. Let’s face it: You don’t want to forget your phone or wallet before heading out because it just wouldn’t seem smart.

That’s why it’s almost equally as important that you shouldn’t leave your house without necessary tools for your car. Like said wallet and phone, there are things needed for your car that you should hold onto at all times.

Whether you suffer a flat tire or someone’s catching a cold, there are many important items to carry around. You never know what’s going to happen at any point, so it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

With that said, here are some essential items you should have in your car at all times:

Jumper Cables

Quick story: It was the day before I started my senior year of college. I had just gotten my license and my first car, a 2007 Ford Focus. Somehow, after a long day of work, my car wouldn’t start. The lights weren’t left on or anything. But it was essential that I had my jumper cables and was able to get home. I also didn’t need to spend $100 or more for a new battery but, fortunately, those jumper cables saved me that night.

First-Aid Kit

Now, I’ve never had to use a first-aid kit on myself or anyone else during a car ride. However, that shouldn’t stop you one bit for having one handy. Maybe a little one gets a cut because he or she scraped their hand on something sharp. You don’t have time to rush to a gas station and buy some Band-Aids. It’s good to have materials like peroxide and gauze handy so that, if these events ever happen, you’ll be there to tend to the wound.

Paper Towels and Tissues

For those long car rides, snacks and drinks will be consumed. It’s a natural way of life. It’s important to have some cleaning materials on hand at all times. Soda and juice will be spilled in the back seat, so it’s best to clean that mess up. And if where you’re going has a major allergy alert, having tissues (like those little travel packs at the store for under $1), is a great idea.


There are plenty of other necessary items you should have in your car (like a tire pressure gauge, a blanket and even a pencil and some paper), but these are just some basics. Your collection of the best Lexington car dealerships, Glenn Auto Mall, probably wants you and your children to be safe on the car ride, especially if you’re in need of a new ride. Check out the current Nissan lease specials Glenn Auto Mall has in store, especially on the new 2015 Nissan Sentra price!