Get Your Ride Fixed With Eco-Friendly PPG Products at Glenn Collision Center – Lexington, KY

Cars are great, aren’t they? We here at Glenn Auto Mall certainly think so! We also know that no matter how carefully you drive, accidents happen. This is why we’re so happy that we have Glenn Collision Center! They have some of the most knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff that will work with you to straighten out the dents, crunches, and crackles to get your car back on the road in pristine condition! At Glenn Collision Center, getting you back on the road in perfect condition is their number one priority. What we also just discovered is that they care about you, your car, but most importantly… the environment as well!

Even on their website, they promise to use PPG products whenever possible and are proud to have PPG Certified Paint Specialists on staff. PPG Envirobase waterborne refinishing product is backed by the Good Housekeeping seal, which assures consumers the products they’re using are of the highest quality. You’ll not only get a perfect color match for the OEM finish when you get your car repainted through GCC, it will be done with products that are specially formulated with low VOC emissions and work with both opaque and transparent finishes perfectly, too!

Even better, by using PPG’s Envirobase High Performance products in their shop, the time it takes to paint your vehicle is almost halved! Spectral grey surfacers and sealers provide the foundation to achieve full coverage in two to three coats, and their anti-settle toners eliminates the need for complicated mixing banks. This means less time that GCC’s technicians need to spend mixing and spraying your car, and more time getting the job done and you back on the road… in your newly reconditioned and flawless ride!

Here at Glenn Auto Mall, we’re proud to feature Glenn Collision Center and their use of the PPG Envirobase suite of products. We may have many cars, but we only have one Earth to live on. We support businesses like GCC who help to ensure it will be around for a long, long time! If you’re in need of a fresh paint job or auto body repair services, schedule an estimate with Glenn Collision Center today!