Car Crashed In Lexington? Get Back On the Road With the Experts At Glenn Collision Center – Lexington, KY

Oh, no! Don’t worry, accidents happen. The important thing is that you and everyone involved is okay. But even if all parties remain unscratched, there’s a decent chance your car has more than a small ding in the door. A whole lot more than just a ding in the door, in fact! No matter what the make and model of your vehicle, Glenn Auto Mall will refresh your ride to make it as safe and shiny as the day it came off the lot at their highly regarded Glenn Collision Center in Lexington.

Bring it down to the state-of-the-art, 30,000 square foot collision facility located in southeast Lexington. I-CAR-Trained Technicians and PPG Certified Paint Specialists are on staff to cater to your every need, including damage caused by weather, an act of vandalism or any unfortunate and unplanned vehicular incident. Glenn Auto Mall has three Frame Alignment Machines, so you’ll be straightened out and back on the road in no time. When it comes to paying for the damage, insurance claim repairs are available. If you choose to wait as the collision experts spruce up your baby, you can still get work done in a clean, modern office environment with free Wi-Fi.

This Glenn Collision Center review from a Lexington local says it all:

“A year ago, my car got vandalized and a friend of mine recommended me to Glenn Collision Center at Glenn Auto Mall. I didn’t think the car could be fixed and brought back to its pristine condition. Sure enough, Glenn went above and beyond. Not only did they make sure the car was back in action better than before, but they kept me updated and delivered the car a day before the due date. They are quick, professional, and do some amazing quality work. I will definitely be coming back if I ever get into a mess like this again!”

-Jonas F.

The Glenn Auto Mall Collision Center is here for you. If life came at you too fast, worry not. Take a deep breath, and get in touch with the Lexington area auto repair experts at (859) 317-7711.