Do It Yourself: How To Wash Your Own Car From Home – Lexington, KY

Getting a car washed is a sense of relief and satisfaction.

Your car is your child. You wouldn’t want your child feeling smelly and dirty all the time, would you? Cars give us this luxury that we don’t need to take them for a wash until it’s absolutely necessary.

This is also the beauty of the 21st century. We live in a generation where everything needs to be done by yourself. That’s a good thing. If you feel the same way about your car (and I’m sure you do), then this is going to be perfect for you, instead of paying x-amount of dollars for a mechanical car wash.

Follow these tips for the future on how to wash your own car from home, rather than driving across the street to the nearest gas station to do it.

Get the Right Soap

Dish soap will not work in this case. It can cause marks on the car that might not get off any time soon. Go to your nearest AutoZone or Walmart and pick up a bottle or two of quality car wash soap. Yes, there is such a thing.

Get Your Hose Ready

Anytime I want to use the hose for anything, there’s something wrong with it. Check it beforehand while getting ready to clean your wonderful car. If you got the soap and something’s wrong with the hose, then there’s a chance you wasted a drive.

Use a Cloth, Not a Towel, to Dry the Car

Think of it like cleaning your television. You know how you clean the TV and after you wipe off the residue off the screen, you can still see some towel marks on there? It happens on cars, too. Don’t let your car become your giant flat-screen TV.

Make Sure It’s Not Too Hot Outside

Even though you’re near water, you can still get sunburned either way. Make sure to protect yourself at all times.


Money can be tough to come by these days, and you’ll more than likely need to resort to doing it yourself when it comes to the car wash. Your premier Lexington Auto Mall definitely understands that you want to take care of your car and it’s totally worth it to do so. Especially if you leave Glenn Auto Mall with everything a new 2015 Nissan Altima features, you want to keep that baby in pristine condition. That’s what everyone wants.