A Little Bit Of Dust Won’t Hurt, But Nothing’s Worse Than A Ton Of Dirt: The Importance of Washing Your Car – Lexington, KY

We all love a clean car, right? When I had my luxury car, would wash it every other day just because I liked showing it off! With my station wagon, not so much, but I still make sure it’s clean. If you drive an everyday commute car, you may say “why bother?” but you should definitely bother. Washing your car is a form of maintenance, and it’s one you should make time to do. Here’s a rundown on the importance of washing your car and how to do it best:

Having A Clean Car Keeps It Healthy

Think of it like brushing your teeth. Your teeth LOOK fine in the mirror, but if you haven’t taken the time to give them a quick scrub that morning, you’ll feel it. If you keep skipping the brushing, your teeth start to decay. It’s the same thing for your car’s paint and any exposed metal. Road dust has all kinds of nasty things like oil, gasoline, and solvents that can eat away at your paint job. It’s best to wash it off as much as you can!

Keeping It Clean Will Keep The Rust Away

Again, if those icky bits of dust, grime, and road salt get through your paint, rust will make itself at home. Once rust gets started, it’s really hard to get rid of and keep it away. Rust is a car-killer, and you don’t want stuff to start falling off or breaking on your vehicle because of something you could have prevented!

Don’t Skip The Wax!

I’ve never enjoyed waxing my car, but I understand the importance of the almighty wax now! Besides making it shiny, wax forms a protective layer over your paint that blocks that dirt and road salt as well as UV rays from the sun! Much like we sunburn, the sun does a number on your paint. Without wax, the sun will fade and eat away at your paint, making your car look chalky and dull.

The dealerships at Glenn Auto Mall all keep the cars on their lots in tip-top shape. Come down today and see what a difference a good wash and wax make to the life of your vehicle, and you’ll be inspired to head home and wash yours right now!