Glenn Auto Mall Is Honored to Be an Official Lexington Toys for Tots Drop-Off Location! – Lexington, KY


The day after Halloween, Target (and likely every purveyor of goods) had their entire store transformed into a full-on winter wonderland straight out of the North Pole. There were twirling varieties of tree displays, dazzling three-foot reindeer statuettes and other festive upscale home decor, sweet treats with eggnog- or nutmeg-infused flavors and, most prominently, an abundance of high-tech, ultra-fancy toys that made me light up like an eight-year-old hoping Santa would leave (all of them) there for me to find on Christmas morning. And, since it was only November 1, I realized I had well over a month to do a lot of said hoping my wish list dreams would come true.

Now, I’m a 28-year-old. I’m not an eight-year-old. But if I’m this hypnotized by the toys weeks before Thanksgiving turkeys are due to come out of ovens, actual eight-year-olds and other young children traversing through Target from now up until the big day must be salivating as they accompany their parents on a typical shopping trip. While many of these youngsters will eventually find a smorgasbord of coveted gifts beneath their tree on Christmas morning, there are an astounding number of kids who, despite how desperately their parents want to buy them every toy on those tempting shelves, won’t be fortunate enough to receive a single one this year. But with the help of the Toys for Tots program, seven million of those deserving children across the country will have their hearts warmed with presents they’ll treasure well beyond the holiday season. For these kids and their families, a simple act of kindness can truly change their lives forever.

Put yourself in a mesmerized child’s shoes the next time you pass the ultra prominent toy section while shopping in Lexington. Please consider adding one of those to your cart to brighten the smile of your inner child, too. Glenn Auto Mall is honored to be an official Lexington Toys for Tots drop-off location and is accepting gracious donations of new, unwrapped toys now through December 18. In exchange for your kindness, you’ll receive a special $19.95 oil change and car wash voucher for use at our Lexington area auto service center. So, let those aisles dazzle you; you’ll know you’ll be a part of ensuring delightful dreams come true this holiday season through Toys for Tots in Lexington!

To ensure your kind, tax-deductible donation to Toys for Tots at Glenn Auto Mall in Lexington may be accepted, please note the following guidelines:

All donated toys must be new and unwrapped

Any donated toys with food or resembling realistic looking weapons cannot be accepted

All donated toys are intended for children age 12 and under