7 Ways to Personalize Your Kentucky License Plate – Lexington, KY

Lexington is an intriguing combination of history-laden tradition and modern progression. With over 400,000 living in and around Fayette County, it’s becoming more difficult to stand out from the crowd. One of the most visible pieces of real estate that you own is located on the front and back of your vehicle (perhaps purchased from Glenn Auto Mall in Lexington!).

There is a ton of variety in Kentucky’s license plates. If you’re looking to get away from the standard “Unbridled Spirit” and “In God We Trust” plates, there are enough choices to find the perfect license plate for you.

Here are seven ways to personalize your Kentucky license plate:

Own a vintage car in Kentucky? Then this one is perfect for you. As long as it’s 25 years old or more and used primarily for show, you qualify.

The “Friends of Coal” plate is one of the most unique license plates I’ve ever seen. Friends of Coal is a volunteer organization that consists of both Kentuckians and residents from beyond the borders. They seek to make coal safer, cleaner and more usable.

Each branch has a corresponding Kentucky military license plate. Whether you or someone you know has served, it’s a great way to show your pride and support for the military.

For Kentucky golfers, this plate is a great way to commemorate the 2008 Ryder Cup at Valhalla. The U.S. broke a string of three straight losses to the Europeans with a resounding five point win led by captain Paul Azinger.

The following major universities offer custom plates, as well as most of the smaller colleges around Kentucky:

University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, Murray State University, Northern Kentucky University and Western Kentucky University

This one is particularly interesting considering that Transylvania University was the first university in Kentucky and amongst the first in the entire U.S.

For the outdoorsmen and women, this plate is just about mandatory if you belong to the League of Kentucky Sportsmen, but membership is not required.

Here’s a little bit more about ordering a personalized Kentucky license plate:

  • Around one-third of the cost of most plates is donated to that particular cause. The donation is not optional.
  • Standard Kentucky plates for cars and trucks limit drivers to six characters (letters and numbers) not including one dash or one space.
  • Special plate character limits vary by type.
  • To check the availability of a license plate number, choose your plate type from the KYTC website and follow the link to personalization options.
  • You’ll pay a $25 application fee to order a personalized plate. If you personalize a special plate, you’ll pay personalization fee as well as the special plate fee.

This is my favorite one. How could you possibly get road rage when you’re driving behind someone with a smiley sun license plate?! Whichever plate makes you smile, let the best car dealership in Lexington, Glenn Auto Mall, help you affix it to your ride if it’s time to trade in your car in Kentucky!