Don’t Blame It On the Rain: 6 Safe Driving Tips for Rainy Weather and Spring Showers – Lexington, KY

It’s been raining a ton in Lexington, Kentucky lately! Spring storms are normal, and you can get through them easily as long as you adjust your driving accordingly.  I see a lot more accidents on rainy days than I do when it’s dry out and I’d venture to guess that about 80% of them are unintentional driver error. The folks at Glenn Auto Mall would love for you to come by – rain or shine. To make it easier, here are some safe driving tips for rainy weather to help you get around accident-free:

Slow Down

It takes longer to stop on a wet roadway, and if you’re going a bit too fast you run of the risk of skidding.

Stay In the Middle

If you’re on a three-lane freeway, stick to the center lane.  Water tend to gather in the outermost lanes, so sticking to the middle will keep you out of an unexpected puddle.

Watch Your Distance

Avoid following too closely to the car in front of you.  Again, it takes longer to stop on wet pavement. You really don’t want to rear-end someone during a storm and have to exchange insurance info in the rain.

Drive In the Tracks of the Car In Front of You

The driver in front of you has done the job of pushing some of the water off the roadway, so take advantage of this and follow his lead. If it’s raining lightly, you’ll be able to see exactly where the water has cleared a bit and be able to steer along those tracks.

Avoid Your Brakes

If you’ve been watching your distance and paying attention to the brake lights in front of you, you’ll be aware of when traffic begins to slow.  Instead of braking, ease up on the accelerator. Slowing down this way will help avoid slipping.

Turn Your Lights On

When it’s rainy outside, the visibility is worse than usual.  Turn your headlights on so other drivers can more easily see you. This simple trick can help save the headache of a fender-bender later on.

Most importantly, do a safety check before the weather gets bad.  Replace old or brittle windshield washers, check your tire pressure, and make sure your brakes are good.  If you take it slow and pay extra close attention to the road and the drivers around you, driving in the rain shouldn’t be a problem!  If you think your old car needs an upgrade to get you through the Spring showers, head down to Glenn Auto Mall in beautiful Lexington Kentucky. You’re sure to find just the right vehicle to keep you and your family safe and dry. Stay warm and dry during these cold months, and drive safe!