The Older the Better: 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Vintage Car – Lexington, KY

Being the models of time and consistency for many years, cars are one of America’s national treasures.

We love cars. We love the look and the engineering that goes into them. You don’t need to be a car fanatic to understand how amazing cars are. I have no internal knowledge about cars, but I could tell you what year that Chrysler 300 is that just drove past me.

There’s just a fascination of cars the likes of which we can’t explain. That goes hand-in-hand with vintage cars, especially. The use of a vintage car provides a cinematic flashback to times of ’60s rock and malt shops, even if we didn’t have the pleasure of being around during those times.

If the time has come for you to invest in a vintage car, then that’s good to hear. It’ll cost a lot of money, but at least it’s meant to be an investment that will keep you in good shape for years to come. With that said, if you’re one of those people, here are five crucial things to know before buying a vintage car:

Check for Rust

This seems like a simple tip. But if you see even the slightest bit of rust on a vintage car, that’s a sign to say no. Clearly, it’s not worthy enough to be touched up, so why should spend more money than need be?

Looks Are Imperative to the Car

If the car doesn’t look right to you, then don’t stay there much longer than you need. If you don’t like the way a ’68 Mustang looks, then maybe you’re not ready for said ’68 Mustang. That simple.

Check Under the Hood

If you’re given the opportunity, check under the hood for any sort of weirdness that doesn’t seem right. If anything, have someone who’s an expert in vintage cars to give a check. They do it enough times on Pawn Stars, so why not have it happen in real life?

Make a Checklist

Come prepared with things you have in mind that you want to check off. For example, maybe something like body work and how much insurance would cost if you bought this car. Think of things you would do for a modern car.

Convince Yourself That You Want a Vintage Car Now

If you’re not convinced that you want a vintage car, don’t waste your time or the seller’s time. Really make sure that you want to do this.


Now, your friendly Lexington Auto Mall may not have vintage cars available, but they won’t stop you from reliving in the past. If this doesn’t come to pass for you, then maybe getting one of Glenn Auto Mall’s pre-owned vehicles in Lexington (more than 200 of them!) seems like a better idea. Perhaps a used 2003 Buick Century might even make you feel nostalgic without turning back the clock more than a few decades. There are plenty of options to be had for you if your hunt for a vintage vehicle doesn’t pan out!